How to Become a Moderator?

So you want to become a moderator, right? :)

Minimum requirements

Here are the minimum requirements to be able to apply for a mod:

Note: watch-time is being counted as 8× hours watch-time per a month since SpikyJohn started streaming (October 2018).

Staff application

If you can achieve minimum requirements, you can complete the staff application.

As pure as snow

It's extremely hard to get moderator status and it's very easy to lose it. Here's how fast you can lose it:

  • Even one timeout (breaking the rules)
  • Having inappropriate nickname
  • Being inactive for 14 days

What exactly does moderator do?

Mod sees you

Every mod keeps an eye on you so follow the rules. Every mod know the rules. He can /timeout chatters. That means they wont be able to speak for some amount of time. Moderators, but we do that very rarely, can also /ban people in the chat, so they won't be able to join the chat. Forever 😢

Mod helps you

Moderator is trying to be always active and helpful in the chat.

Some of our moderators are bots

You wouldn't guess that already, right? Some of our moderators are bots. They work tirelessly and they have no mercy. You can not bribe them. They just do their work. Beware 'em!

Here's for what you can get automatically banned

  • Caps. Messages with excessive amount of capital letters will get automatically banned for 5 minutes.
  • Too many emotes. Maximum number of emotes per a message is 10. Timeout duration for more is 30 seconds.
  • Vulgarities. For saying words average person wouldn't say to their grandma you will get automatically banned for 5 minutes.
  • Links. For most of the links you will get ban. There are some that are white-listed, but overall don't post any links. Especially if it's a self-promotion. For breaking this rule you will get timeout for 5 minutes.
  • Too lengthy messages. Maximum number of letters per a message is 120. For being able to write longer messages, you will have to become a subscriber. Timeout for breaking this rule is 5 minutes.
  • Excessive amounts of symbols. We like words more than pictures with symbols. For those messages we have a Discord. Timeout for breaking this rule is 5 minutes.