Let's grow together

Howdy my partner in crime,

Do you like fun? Of course you do! Wanna have even moar fun?! Better fun?! πŸ˜‚

Here's SpikyJohn's secret plan. Let's grow together! πŸ˜‚

I'm your own personal tree. No, kidding. Toss some water on me, and I will grow for you. And on the way we will both have more fun.

Let's make gameplay better.

Here's what's keeping us back

  • Better mouse, I play on borrowed mouse because my previous mouse waas eugh, it's still not the best solution
  • Better keyboard, I play on wireless keyboard with broken keys and mentionable input lag
  • Faster monitor, I still play on 60 fps max monitor
  • SSD upgrade, to make the game loading faster
  • Better GPU, so better fps and moar visual pleasant gameplay for you bois!
  • Better CPU, so there's no slow texture reload bugs

Let's make stream better.

Here's what will bring us moar fun

  • Additional streaming computer, so there's no additional game lag and I have moar FPS on my gaming monitor
  • Streaming at 60 fps, so the movement feels more smoother
  • Streaming at 1080p, so you can see da killz crisp and clear. And it's a must todays. 720p sucks. But my computa is not fasta enough right now.
  • Own chatbot server, so he will get moar funni. And available all the time. For both Twitch chat and Discord.
  • Automatized user categorization, so I will never forget your birthday anymore.
  • AI chatbot. That's like my super secret project. I want an electronic buddy that won't be stupido to help you boys in the chat. To cheer you up. To remind me that I haven't answered you yet or missed your message for the last 20 seconds. And I don't want to miss your messages!


What's coming next?

Let's grow together

Streaming full time

I am not a robot yet. Bleep blop πŸ€–

So I have to have somewhere to sleep and poop some time. And I have to eat too. No kidding.

For me being able to stream for you every day each and every month, I need:

  • Minimum to exist: 80 subscribers or 220 dollars in donations per a month
  • Living wage: 200 subscribers or 500 dollars in donations per a month

Where your tips and donations go to? Write !expenses into our chat. Additionally you can write !income to see where are we on our journey right now.

Wanna be part of something big?

  1. Hit that follow button (you did that already, obviously)
  2. Hit that subscribe button
  3. Make some lovable donation and write me why you are the best! :)
  4. Share the love in the chat or on social media! πŸ’–

Here's what we achieved already

As we grow up, we improved. Here's the list of items we were able to upgrade from your support.

Big thanks to you, Spikies, loyal followers and partners in crime! Only you made this possible. πŸ’–

We improved stream quality

πŸ‘Ά We got XLR microphone, Audio Technica 2035, amazing sound is here (May 2019)

πŸ‘Ά We got new lights, two Tertial work lamps from IKEA with 1600 lumens LED bulbs (April 2019).

πŸ’€ We retired camera Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000, possibly born somewhere in 2006, its frame-rate wasn't very good, but at least it was possible for you to see me (December 2018).

We improved gameplay

πŸ’€ We retired mouse Gigabyte M5050, was too input laggy and so it's hidden in my drawer as a backup (December 2018).

βœ‹ What can you do right now?

Hit that follow button

Make some lovely donation and write me why you are the best! :)

Share the love in the chat or on social media! πŸ’–