Loyalty system

What are the SpikyCoins?

SpikyCoins or 🌟 are coins that are used on SpikyJohn's channel. SpikyCoins have many uses. They show up who's the most loyal follower and also they can be traded.

How do I get them?

For watching the stream

  • 5Γ— 🌟 every 10 minutes of watching
  • 15Γ— 🌟 every 10 minutes of watching if you are subscriber
  • 10Γ— 🌟 every 15 minutes for sending a message through loots.com/spikyjohn
  • 10Γ— 🌟 for participating in !raffle by writing !join. Raffles are happening randomly, so you have to be active in a chat.
  • 10Γ— 🌟 for being first in the stream
  • 10Γ— 🌟 for winning a match in Marbles on Stream

For supporting the stream

  • 2,500Γ— 🌟 for every 100 bits
  • 5,000Γ— 🌟 for every $1 tipped
  • 10,000Γ— 🌟 for subscribing with Twitch Prime or Tier 1 subscription
  • 20,000Γ— 🌟 for subscribing with Tier 2 subscription
  • 50,000Γ— 🌟 for subscribing with Tier 3 subscription
  • up to 1,000,000Γ— 🌟 for becoming a Patron

For being a true fan of the stream

  • 50Γ— 🌟 for following my channel
  • 50Γ— 🌟 for hosting
  • 100Γ— 🌟 for following SpikyJohn on social media (you have to write down your name on that social media in the chat as it's not automatic)

How many do I have?

The easiest way to check your position is to write !coins. If you want to check position of someone else, write !coins <username>.

Also top 20 people in leader-board will get a VIP badge

How can I spend them?

Make my game harder

Check out all the challenges how to make my game harder. Ranging from costs 1,000Γ— 🌟 to 10,000Γ— 🌟.

Get something from it

Pay 50,000Γ— 🌟 to force me to speak in language of your choice in my stream for 5 minutes (beware: very cringy as I would've possibly have to use Google Translator).

Pay 50,000Γ— 🌟 to get a 20 second sound message of your choice (for example a birthday wish to someone you know, wish cards etc.).

Pay 50,000Γ— 🌟 to get a shoutout.

Pay 100,000Γ— 🌟 to spend one whole stream playing with me game of your choice. One stream is usually 6 hours long. I also have to have that game in my collection.

Pay 200,000Γ— 🌟 to get 1 minute video message of your choice (for example a birthday wish to someone you know, wish cards etc.).

Pay 500,000Γ— 🌟 to get a signed photo of your choice (a kiss with llama, me with cozy hat and more) via mail.

Show your inner fanitoo beast

Pay 10,000,000Γ—πŸŒŸ to spend one day with me in the city I live in.