In simplicity; just have fun and let others have fun also! :)

What are our values?

Spikie plays fair.

True Spikie always play fair. It's a true virtue doing so. Spikie would never ruin game for others. Don't use use cheats in online games.

Spikie makes chat enjoyable for others.

We are here to have fun together. There are some ways to destroy funny moments for others. True Spikie would never do that. Spikie would never spam, troll or make chat harder to read by using caps-lock.

Spikie is nice to others.

Member of the Spikies would never be mean, vulgar or toxic to other members. Hes here to find friends and have fun with each other. Things that most people wouldn't say to grandma are not welcome here.

Spikie does not send links.

True Spikie is here to have fun together with others. Spikie doesn't have any shady intentions. Spikie never self-promote or send an unrelated link. There are very few links that aren't automatically blocked, so better ask for permission before you do share your link.

If you are smart, you don't need to read this. → If you were banned, you were not smart.

A) We have english only chat.

B) We value quality discussion.

  1. No religious topics.
  2. No politics.
  3. No racism topics.
  4. No discrimination topics.
  5. No links. Only exception is game invites.

C) Things we don't joke about.

  1. No trolling.
  2. No joking or talking about bans.
  3. No joking or talking about viewers.
  4. No joking or talking about other streamers. Don't create drama between streamers.

D) We like to be better version of ourselves.

  1. Be positive and helpful to others.
  2. Do not swear or be mean to others.
  3. No self-promotion or advertising of any kind.
  4. No caps-lock and excessive symbols.
  5. Don’t @ anyone you hadn't discussion with few seconds before.

E) Do not ask SpikyJohn to do things for you.

  1. Do not ask SpikyJohn to: play a clip, song, or game.

What we love to hear

  1. Tell us about you. Tell us what you spend your time on. Your hobbies. Your pets. Movies or music you like. Art you love to make.
  2. Tell us what new you learned. Share a news! Share a knowledge! Share an idea/invention.
  3. Tell us about the world. Have you visited some new location?
  4. Tell us about technology. Tell us about upcoming next big things.
  5. Tell us about games. Which ones are new. What is coming up.

What happens when rules are broken

No talking

At first, messages will be deleted and who broke the rules won't be able to speak for some time. This is called /timeout.

Forever alone 😢

After multiple warnings, we are banning from joining server chat forever. This is always considered very subjectively what exactly went wrong. We don't like to ban people, therefore we do it very rarely and when we see that there is not much to work about. We also believe everyone can learn and get better. Don't test us, it's very easy to get banned, but extremely difficult to get unbanned.

Picture made by: @GhostlyTeddy