Streaming journey was full of improvements

As we grow up, we improved. Here's the list of items we were able to upgrade from your support.

Big thanks to you, Spikies, loyal followers and partners in crime! Only you made this possible. πŸ’–

We improved stream quality

πŸ‘Ά We got XLR microphone, Audio Technica 2035, amazing sound is here (May 2019)

πŸ‘Ά We got new lights, two Tertial work lamps from IKEA with 1600 lumens LED bulbs (April 2019).

πŸ’€ We retired camera Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000, possibly born somewhere in 2006, its frame-rate wasn't very good, but at least it was possible for you to see me (December 2018).

We improved gameplay

πŸ’€ We retired mouse Gigabyte M5050, was too input laggy and so it's hidden in my drawer as a backup (December 2018).

What we are using right now

Gaming PC


Intel Core i5-6500, 3.20 GHz, computing since 6/2016

Cooler: SilentiumPC Fera 3 HE1224 v2, cooling since 6/2016


Kingston HyperX FURY Black Series 16GB (Kit 2x8GB) 2666MHz DD, storing fast data since 6/2016


MSI AMD R7 370 2GD5T OC, showing pretty visuals since 3/2016


GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 3-EU, being the alpha and omega since 6/2016


Crucial M4 - 128GB, saving data fast and furious since 11/2012


WD Caviar Blue 3.5" 640GB, saving big data since 10/2008


Cooler Master Elite 330K Black, covering PC internals since 10/2008

Streaming PC

No streaming PC yet, all the streaming is happening on the gaming PC. Hit that subscribe, donate and let's make stream visuals better. It's in your hands too! :)

If you want to see more about future plans, check out let's grow together.


Gaming monitor

Dell UltraSharp U2412M, 60 fps, 24", 1920Γ—1200px, helping me to see stuff since 10/2012

Chat monitor

LiteOn LitePanel 150, 75 fps, 15", 1024Γ—768px, you wouldn't believe that, but working since 06/2002. That's whole 16 years, bois!


A4Tech XL-740K, borrowed since 11/2018, improved my aim like 10000Γ—!


Logitech Wave Desktop, doing it's job since 10/2008, but it's very laggy for competitive playing, it should be upgraded soon. Can you help me with that?


Trust SpotLight Webcam Pro, i've got under the Christmass tree on 12/2018, it has way better resolution than the previous webcam


Koss SB45 is following my journey since 07/2008. I've used their lifetime repair system 3Γ— times. I love them for that.

Stream Audio


Audio-Technica AT 2035, being with us since 05/2019

Audio interface

Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD, doing amazing job since 05/2019


RockStand RS 20700 B, standing still since 05/2019

Pop filter

LD Systems D 914, removing windy sounds since 05/2019

Thank you very much, all my supporters!

Biggest thanks to:

  • goidsemedime helped improve mouse, camera
  • saltybadger01's donations improved lightning
  • agm51's donations did lead to light improvements
  • biffta_'s donations improved microphone
  • tehchy's donations improved microphone
  • vincentdevriesio's donations improved microphone
  • mickey_zee's donations improved microphone

And all of you, who watched my baby steps and are still with me! Thank you! πŸ’–

Gif made by: @GhostlyTeddy