Subscriber Benefits

Have more fun.

Every subscriber gets special badges, chat emoticons and no ads.

Earn 🌟 faster.

As a subscriber you have 3Γ— faster rate of earning SpikyCoins.

Show 'em who you are.

For subscribers its easier to achieve better position on loyalty leaderboard and also are more visible in Discord.

Become SpikyJohn's subscriber right now!

List of Subscriber Benefits

Tier 3 Subscriber

  • 50,000Γ— 🌟 upon subscribing
  • More emoticons in the chat than Tier 2 subscription
  • Every bonus of Tier 2 and Tier 1 subscriber

Tier 2 Subscriber

  • 20,000Γ— 🌟 upon subscribing
  • More emoticons in the chat than Tier 1 subscription
  • Every bonus of Tier 1 subscriber

Tier 1 or Twitch Prime Subscriber

Have more fun

  • Special emoticons that you can use in the chat
  • No ads
  • Access to Subscriber-Only Chat on the Discord server
  • Immune to slow mode chat. That means you can send as many messages as you want. There's no limit!

Show 'em who you are.

  • Special badge in your name
  • 10,000Γ— 🌟 upon subscribing
  • 15Γ— 🌟 every 10 minutes of watching instead of 5Γ— 🌟 every 10 minutes (3Γ— faster SpikyCoins gain)
  • Overall better position on the leaderboard
  • You can send longer messages. 120 characters is a limit for followers, but there's no limit for subscribers. Finally you can show your story in a wider perspective! 😊
  • You can see video archive on Twitch. If you've missed stream today, you will be able to see it.


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