Thank you!

My deepest thanks to

  • My family & girlfriend.
  • My subscribers & donators.
  • My followers, fanitoos & partners in crime.

More specific thanks to

  • Goidsemedime for being the best brother ever.
  • SpikyMary for being the most supportive partner.
  • Elad "KAFEEEEEE" Vaknin for thousands of matches in first Overwatch season. Been a privilege to be his support.
  • Top20 for grinding together for world's top players in Perandus league in Path of Exile.
  • HeXeNcz for nonstop playing with me in early Fortnite games.
  • My clan members back from old days.
  • TrashSVK for being the first subscriber. Noone can beat you in that, buddy! :)