Don't waste time checking whole map when it's already looted. Small locations can add up. Usually bigger places are more crowded.

Secret loot decoy

There are 3 types of secret loot decoy: stone, barrel, and tree. @fireyspider

Armor and Backpacks

There are 3 levels for head armor, chest armor and backpacks.


All weapons have pros and cons. Knowing all of them is a must. Don't pick the best looking weapons or the rarest automatically.


Good for forcing players to cancel healing. Can be used defensively to stop enemy that is following you. Quick trow will drop grenade closer. Longer throw will drop grenade farther away.

Weapons switching

You can switch to second weapon without a cooldown after shooting with a shotgun or sniper rifle. @trinhaahahahaha


Better scope means better info about the enemies. But too large scope (15×) is mostly useless for fights. 4× to 8× is ideal for a fight. 2× is better than basic one, but should be upgraded ASAP. If you have 1× scope and you're sure enemy has better one, go hide into buildings because in building everyone has 1× scope. Also, if you have larger scope and weapons that are precise, try to evade going into buildings as you'll have disadvantage there.

15× scope is located inside Secret Room in the Greenhouse Bunker. @fireyspider

Supressed Weapons

The further you shoot with a silenced weapon the harder the bullets are to see. That's especially handy with 8×or 15× scope. @antonthx


Tables are not giving any loot. They are good for hiding only. @xiRazorx


Suits are in game for cosmetic purposes. Ghillie Suit, one of the rarer items in the game, can help you blend with map's grass making you nearly invisible.

Ghillie Suit will make you more stealthy. Equipment such as Vests, Helmets and Backpacks do not display on the character while the suit is equipped. Pan will show. Hands or melee weapons are visible as usual.


Pretty obvious in every Battle Royal Game. Better position means better chance of winning. Try to use obstacles to your advantage. Hide behind them, shoot those barrels to kill other people. Doors are very underrated to newbies. Double use them to quickly close them behind enemy nose to set him off balance.

Aim Ahead

Always try to predict where your enemy will be moving next and shoot at that location.

Reflecting Bullets

You can reflect bullets of walls to hit behind cover. This is especially effective in areas with metal walls.

Spin me right round

If you can, spin around. Enemies can get confused & your bullets will become more unpredictable. If you have time for it, be active fidget spinner! @PrismaticHub

Smoke in the house

If there is smoke in a lake cabin, it means somebody is inside. @antonthx


Unequipped you are slightly faster

When using your hands, knife, katana or axe, you are slightly faster. @matze_schroeder


Prioritize this use for mid-end game. At that time, when possible, you should always be over 1/2 adrenaline because you will get movement speed bonus, that is very crucial. @xdroidextremex

Other Tips

Katana in squads

Katana can be obtained in squads. There is one place where USAs spawns, sometimes it also spawns a katana. There's also possibility for a drop from Eye Box (it has to be broken by hammer). @NiKoLaS

Desert Camo Skin

Desert Camo Skin is a drop from the Eye Barrel. @fireyspider

Secret room in Flower Bunker

15× scope is located inside Secret Room in the Greenhouse Bunker. @fireyspider

Related to Past Events

2018 Halloween/Anniversary Special Event

Eye Bunker Code

  1. Pig
  2. Snake
  3. Trap/Bridge
  4. Axe
  5. Shoe
  6. Tornado/Sword
  7. Egg
  8. Clouds
  9. Lightning/Storm
  10. Meteorite


Non Winter Mode

Greenhouse Bunker Code

Greenhouse Bunker code or Flower bunker code works for solo and duo, located below the garden, in the bunker there's a katana.

  1. Yin Yang
  2. Clothes
  3. Growing Plant
  4. Flower
  5. Rice Ball
  6. Water
  7. Book
  8. Leaves
  9. Moon
  10. Tori
  11. Frost
  12. Running

Door Code for Flower Room

Bottom right, top right, top left, bottom left