Best Games

Games that deserve remake in 50 years

Deeply intellectual, thought provoking games with extremely rich story. Games which focus on inspiring with a thought you'll never forget. Games that deserve a great remake in 50 years.

Possible spoilers alert!

Transistor (2014)

I love her. She loves me. But we are just entities enclosed in virtual world. And what's worse, we know it. And whats even more worse, that world is going to end.

Dex (2015)

Take extremely realistic depiction of the future of computers and technology. Based on creating of an idea of technological singularity where computer isn't computer at all. It is biologically indistinguishable from human, from you. It has just been used as a computer.

Bastion (2011)

Lets say you have a powers of a god. You create a perfect world. But how will you test it? Can you test it?

There are two worlds coexisting. One that focuses on improvement via magic. One that focuses on technology and science (our world). Those worlds are by design bound to - in time - fuse them-self together. But when that happens, both worlds will be destroyed. Any creature or entity that is able to travel between worlds, must help with balancing them.

You are a princess. And as many princesses you are destined to be cursed. But it wont be about falling asleep or meeting a charming prince. Your kingdom and nature around will be cursed. You will die. But your soul will not find a peace until you make it right and die properly.

Firewatch (2016)

You have got enough of this world. Your life looked like a dream before it all went to shit. You did nothing wrong, but it still went to shit. So you want to go somewhere away from all of it. Escape to wilderness. But it will catch you later on in a unexpected way.

You are alone. In a wilderness where everything is going to kill you. Cold. Hunger. Fatigue. Or wilderness itself. And it is up to you how long will you survive. If.

Pyre (2017)

What is freedom? To go anywhere you like? To do anything? To choose just by yourself? To love feely? And... can we... really be free? For what cost?

Oxenfree (2016)

They are stuck there physically and in time. Forced to repeatedly see their timeline. With all the possibilities. Yet having no ability to act or change things. Unable to fix their situation. What will you do seeing world by their eyes? You can't save them, but can you save yourself and your friends?