AFK Arena General Tips

Tutorial made by: Asmira

Play it Smart

Don’t Use Ascended Tier Heroes as Fodder

Ascended heroes are used to increase your level cap once your main 5 heroes reach lvl 240. If you use them as fodder, you are sacrificing late game for mid game. Faction tower (unlocks chapter 15-1) also need a lot of heroes from all factions.

Get Shemira

Shemira is by far the best mid game hero for the campaign, and everyone can get her from lab store. If you keep her overleveled, 20-40 levels above the rest of your team, all scaled content (Lab, Voyage) will be relatively easy. She will be your main dps from around chapter 14 (or when you get her to mythic 161) to chapter 22-23 if you invest in her. She starts to fall off around chapter 23 and at 25+ she won’t be your main dps.

Clearing Campaign Efficiently

The current meta team composition is:

  • Tasi
  • Shemira
  • Lyca
  • Brutus
  • Nemora/Arden

This has been the most efficient way for people to advance in the campaign. It only relies on Shemira being strong to be effective. Brutus only needs to be level 141 to tank and the wilder supports don’t need to be very strong to work well. Other tanks, like Lucius can also be used.








DPS, Semi Tank





How to Use Resources


For the average player, F2P or small spender, there are only a few things worth buying with diamonds.

10x Summons for 2700

You will always need heroes.

5x Elite Hero Soulstones for 90

Elites are the main thing you want, even fodder elites are good. 1080 diamonds for an Elite is a great value.

Bounty refresh for 50 (more details in Hero’s Essence)

Mythic gear for 40% off in Lab

Only if you are struggling, stuck on a stage for 2 weeks+. Mythic gear will drop from AFK rewards after 16-12.

Hero’s essence

The most valuable/wanted resource after heroes. You should already be buying 500 essence every day for 2m gold, but you need huge amounts of it to get your heroes to 240. Trying to get heroes to 181 is the first wall as it takes 25k essence per hero to level up. When 3 or more of your main heroes are Mythic+ or Ascended and your heroes are getting close to 180, it’s recommended to start spending diamonds on hero essence.

Refreshing bounties for 50 diamonds after your bounty board is level 7 is considered the most efficient way. Refreshing at level 6 is also ok, but less efficient. Most people spend 50-200 diamond on this every day, but it depends on your luck and how much you want to spend. You want to accept Legendary or above essence bounties and any diamond bounties. Soulstones are also a decent option. You can also refresh the store to buy more with gold if you want to speed up the collection even more.

End game

Focus on ascending 5 heroes

Seems pretty obvious, but it’s easy to get distracted and want to build a lot of heroes at the same time. If you are using the Shemira meta team, you need the rest of your team to keep up in levels to keep leveling Shemira. A hero can only be 40 levels higher than your crystal’s level, e.g. Shemira can only be lvl 200 when your crystal is at 160.

Don’t get stuck trying to ascend a single faction team early on. You won’t get enough fodder in a single faction to keep ascending heroes at a reasonable rate. It’s better to ascend heroes in different factions when you can to increase your crystal level.


Ferael is considered one of the best late-game heroes. His signature is super strong, reduces healing and attack rating. His skills have CC, drain the enemy’s energy and his ultimate is strong AoE burst damage. Many players see him as a Shemira replacement at Ascended 221+.